Laini Taylor’s DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT UK Cover Reveal!

The cover for the UK hardback of Laini Taylor’s “Days of Blood and Starlight” (sequel to “Daughter of Smoke and Bone”) has been revealed:

I really enjoyed “Daughter of Smoke and Bone”, which has had some interesting cover redesigns.

But honestly, I’m not really feeling it with this cover. I much prefer the US cover set:

It’s not going to stop me picking this book up, because DoS&B was one of my favourite reads last year.

Readers, I’m curious — what do you think of the cover?

4 thoughts on “Laini Taylor’s DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT UK Cover Reveal!

  1. Roan

    Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Finally a sequel, yay!
    But to be honest, I like the UK covers better (without a person, just the feathers and the flame), they’re a bit more mysterious if you ask me.

    1. E.Maree Post author

      I loved the UK feather cover, thought that was really beautiful. It’s just this one that’s not doing it for me — think it might be because I’m picky about fire, it’s a hard one to get looking right in an image.

  2. Daveface

    Yeah the cover is pretty naff tbh but the U.S cover I love.

    The UK cover fire graphic really bugs me, it has to be really skillfully done for a fire graphic to work for me I think I’m just picky and the background texture seems all wrong, it’s a 15 min Photoshop job if the images weren’t made form scratch. If they were then about an hour.

    I agree with Roan the lack of person makes it more mysterious but if I seen the two side by side I know which would be more appealing. It just looks like more care has been taken over the U.S covers.

  3. Mrs. Silverstein

    Oooh, I hadn’t seen either UK cover before! I think I like them better, as a set, although the first US cover is a really pretty shade of blue. But for some reason I’m a little red-averse when it comes to covers, so I’m not as wild about the second US one.


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