Road Trip Wednesday: Which Divergent Faction Are You?

Today, for their Road Trip Wednesday question for bloggers, YA Highway asked: What Faction Are You? In honor of their Book of the Month, Veronica Roth’s INSURGENT, we want to know which of the five factions in the DIVERGENT series would you choose? Here’s a great breakdown of the five factions, and if you’re on the fence, you can even take the quiz for a hint!

This one was a clear-cut choice for me.

  • Back when I reviewed Divergent, I had trouble putting myself in the reckless, foolhardy Dauntless group’s shoes, so  clearly don’t have the balls (or the lacking brain cells ;P) for that.
  • I focus a lot on my own goals (WRITING WRITING WRITING) so I’m too self-centered for the selfless Abnegation.
  • The quiz gave me Candor, and while I do love small doses blunt honesty I think I’d hate their tactless methods of deploying it.
  • Erudite, land of the bookworms and intellects, is the one calling to my inner Ravenclaw self. But they focus on reading non-fiction, and my passion lies with fiction.
  • So it was a clear-cut choice: Amity, the soft touches who think friendship will solve everyone’s problems. They’re basically the hippy faction, but they’re also the only faction that encourages the creation of art. And without art, I’d go mad very fast.

Now I really want to go read Insurgent…


2 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: Which Divergent Faction Are You?

  1. Colin

    You’re a writer–of course you’re Dauntless, Emma! 🙂 In fact, I’m sure there’s some of all these factions in you, as there are with most people. We probably lean more toward some than others, though.

  2. Beck

    I was dauntless by the quiz but i think I’m too much of a soft touch too. And that’s a great point about art… couldn’t live without it.


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