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Books in the Post: September

Because time isn’t always on my side when it comes to reading books and writing reviews, here’s a list of some of the awesome books I’ve bought or been sent recently.

Above, we’ve got:

A red moleskine sketchbook: These hardy, reliable things are what I use to jot down writing ideas when away from my PC. This one’s a present to myself because I’ve filled up my black one. This was purchased by myself.

“What’s Left of Me” by Kat Zhang: This was a prize for winning the contest over at Once Upon a Bookcase! Can’t wait to read this.

“On The Day I Died”: A short story collection, just in time for Halloween. This copy was unsolicited, sent by Random House.

“Witch Crag” by Kate Cann: Another unsolicited book, sent by Scholastic. Absolutely gorgeous cover.

“Noughts & Crosses” series by Malorie Blackman: I requested these books (recently updated with new covers) from Random House and I can’t wait to start reading them! Did you hear the drama over the racism in the “Save the Pearls” book? N&C has a similar concept, but executed properly.

“Tiger’s Destiny” by Colleen Houck: Unsolicited copy sent by Scholastic. I have the whole series of these, and their cover art is fantastic, but for some reason I haven’t picked them up to read yet…

I’ve also had a very e-heavy month, buying all the following for myself:

“Mockingbird” by Chuck Wendig, “Zoo City” by Lauren Beukes, “Empire State” by Adam Christopher and “The Alchemist of Souls” by Anne Lyle: Angry Robot’s e-book store had a buy-one-get-one-free offer on, which I gleefully took advantage of to tick a few books off my to-buy list.

“Angel Dust” by Sarah Mussi: I have a publisher-crush on Hot Key Books (and Angry Robot, in case you didn’t notice) so I’ve been picking up a lot of their work to read. These is a great urban fantasy novel set in the heart of London.

“The God Engines” by John Scalzi. One day I will get round to reading a Scalzi novel. One day.

“Leviathan” Series by Scott Westerfeld. Lots of fun, I need to get round to writing a proper review of this trilogy.

Top 10 Covers of 2012

After seeing this idea up on Jaime’s blog from The Broke and Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday, I had to join in.

“Throne of the Crescent Moon” by Saladin Ahmed

Just look at that cover by one of my favorite artists, Jason Chan. It’s beautiful.  Such a variety of awesome looking characters.

‘Mockingbird’ by Chuck Wendig

Loved the Blackbird cover, and love this one as well. Both remind me pleasantly of Death from The Sandman. I still need to read these.

“Shadow and Bone” by Leigh Bardugo

Beautiful, Russian-inspired cover art.

‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green

Deceptively simple, but instantly recognisable. Click the link above to read a review.

“Article 5” by Kristen Simmons

An all-round wonderful sci-fi YA cover.

‘Tempest’ by Julie Cross

There’s something wonderfully tense and dramatic about this scene. I adore the colour of the sky as well, and the slight “Hush, Hush” style to the poses.

‘The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight” by Jennifer E. Smith  

Super-cute, love the restricted colour scheme and how neatly they worked in such a long title.

“Wonder” by R.J. Palacio 

This is the story of a boy with an abnormal face. What a tricky book to think up a cover for, but this simple image really blows the concept out of the water.

“What’s Left Of Me” Kat Zhang

This is a brilliantly illustration – it captures the title perfectly.

“Thief’s Covenant” by Ari Marmell

To finish things off, another Jason Chan – and this time it’s the story of Widdershins, a young thief. This is another cover which uses a restricted set of colours to beautiful effect, as well as negative space. I really like how confident and intelligent the young thief looks.

A few runner-ups that didn’t make the cut:

“Cinder” by  Marissa Meyer. The cover sums up the story perfectly: Cinderella, with cyborgs.

“The Way We Fall” by Megan Crewe. The bright, bold yellow really grabs me here — and I’m a sucker for image-inside-text covers like the original Delirium cover.

“A Million Suns” by Beth Revis. “Across the Universe” had a fantastic cover, and it’s sequel is just as artistically well-off. This spells out the sci-fi and romance clearly, and the covers fit well with the previous book’s cover.